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Why Go Independent?

Why Go Independent?

Being an independent advisor lets you design your business the way you want and develop lasting relationships based on your clients’ values and goals. Ultimately, independence gives you the ability to align your business and your clients’ wealth management strategies with the values that matter.

Work To Grow Your Business and Run It Your Way

Serve Your Clients the Way You Want

You are the professional on your clients and their needs. Being an independent advisor gives you the freedom you need to serve your clients in the way that’s best for them.

Run Your Business as Your Own Boss

Being independent means you can create the workplace you desire for yourself and your staff and gives you the freedom to do what’s best for your business and clients.

Provide Advice Without Other Obligations

As an independent advisor, you won’t be obligated to push products or services that won’t serve your clients’ best interests. Independence means you can offer truly independent, best-fit advice.

Build a Legacy for Yourself 

Independence means that you can spend your time building a legacy that you can take pride in. See what you are able to accomplish without having to fulfill obligations to someone else.

Multi-Team Support and Resources

Multi-Team Support and Resources

Leading-Edge Technology

Leading-Edge Technology

Every advisor who joins the VAM network of advisors will also get access to leading-edge technology to support the experience they already have. A streamlined, turnkey tech stack can help simplify processes and boost your clients’ experience.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Practice Management Tools

Human Resources

We understand the challenges of managing a team — we do it too! One of the benefits of going independent with VAM is that our human resources can help you with everything from talent acquisition and development to compensation and benefits.

Back Office Support

Day-to-day tasks can become overwhelming, especially when you’re an independent advisor. We offer full back-office support to alleviate those tasks, including advanced portfolio management systems, analytics tools and a team of operational specialists.

Practice Development

We empower advisors with the tools they need to continue developing their practice. The support we offer helps you build a sustainable practice that is designed toward delivering exceptional value to your clients from now into the future.

New Client Onboarding

With personalized support and training, VAM helps you optimize client onboarding and build strong relationships from the start that will last for the long-term. Our processes work toward reducing errors and redundancies to improve the overall client experience.

Our Approach

You can rely on our loyalty, longevity and commitment to continual development and teamwork to help clients  remain confident about their plan’s viability over time.

Our Approach

Our Team

Each of our clients gains access to a fully resourced team, working across specialties so you have an advocate for your goals in every conversation.

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