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Welcome to Business U, VAM’s comprehensive educational program. Business U is designed to help you align your personal and business goals. We want to help you get to a place where you can uphold your values, while effectively growing your business the way you want.

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Financial Decision Making for Business Owners

This course is designed to help you understand a variety of business and personal financial decisions to incorporate into your long-term thinking. You will learn about steps you can take now to work toward a more financially secure future for yourself, your family, your business and your employees.

Who Should Attend?

The material presented in this course is designed for successful — and busy — business owners to refresh and reinforce their understanding of key business financial concepts.

Objective Education and Course Textbook

This course is for educational purposes only. Unlike financial seminars that focus on a specific topic, Business U is a comprehensive course to help you see the big picture. You’ll receive an in-depth course workbook with important information about business planning concepts and tools. It is designed to follow the curriculum and serve as a reference tool for years to come.

Insights and Tools that Make A Difference

By gaining relevant insight about important business and financial concepts, you can be better positioned to utilize the expertise of your existing team of advisors and financial professionals. This course is intended to provide you with the steps to move forward on a path to attaining your goals.

Our Approach

You can rely on our loyalty, longevity and commitment to continual development and teamwork so clients can remain confident about their plan’s viability over time.

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Each of our clients gains access to a fully resourced team, working across specialties so you have an advocate for your goals in every conversation.

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