Direct how you want your assets transferred, both while you’re alive and after you’re gone. Carry out your intentions and address your family’s most important financial issues, including:

  • Inheritance. Trusts help give you control over how your assets will be passed on. They also help keep assets out of probate, protecting your privacy and streamlining wealth transfer.
  • Financial control of family assets. Defining how your assets pass on decreases the potential for family conflict and problems.
  • Charitable giving. Charitable trusts provide innovative ways to transfer your assets and support what matters to you. Trust services help you support the charities and organizations that are important to you.
  • Special needs or circumstances. Trust services can ensure the future care of loved ones and family members with special needs or challenges.
  • Taxation. Trusts can take assets out of an estate, helping to lower your tax exposure.
  • Incapacity. Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of incapacity can lead to unsound financial decisions. Creating a trust before incapacity takes hold can help prevent unsound decisions from ever occurring

Financial Advisors do not provide specific tax/legal advice and this information should not be considered as such. You should always consult your tax/legal advisor regarding your own specific tax/legal situation.