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Employer Sponsored Benefits

In today’s environment of increased risk, changing regulations and unsettled economic conditions, you can have an employee benefits package that’s expensive, confusing and difficult to administer. Or you can have one that’s cost-effective, easy to manage and so valuable in attracting and retaining employees, it pays for itself many times over. You’ll find the right balance when you partner with Virginia Asset Management.

We’ve been designing employee benefit packages for small to medium-size companies since 1986. Since we’re independent consultants, we have the freedom to provide the objective, in-depth analysis that is key to creating successful employee benefits; and the experience to help you deliver these benefits effectively and efficiently. In summary, we provide:

An extensive portfolio of employee benefits
Tailor made plans
Comprehensive insurance protection
Access to a variety of insurers
Alternative saving vehicles – HRAs, HSAs, FSAs

Multi-faceted strategies to maximize value
Cost-effective employee communications, both active and passive
Comprehensive plan information
Employee meetings
User-friendly materials
Self-help web portals for forms and benefit information
Pre-tax account education
Ongoing communications support

Full-service enrollment and administration
Open enrollment and new hire support
Web-based technology for employee enrollment
Payroll deductions support
Total compensation statements

Administration management and training
Face-to-face training for administrators
Employer and administrative service center
Strategies to simplify organizational workloads
Management of vendor/insurer relationships

In-depth analysis that never stops.
To put together the best plan for your company, we follow a nine-step process:

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