In today's complex world, the expertise and clear vision of a financial professional can help you reach your financial goals.

Each of our associates has been carefully selected based on their knowledge, experience and desire to make a long-term commitment to our clients. They maintain a vigorous continuing education program to keep current on financial products, tax laws and other information that may affect you.

This information should not be considered as tax advice. Clients should consult their tax advisor regarding their own tax situation.


Midlothian, VA

John Baldyga, RHU
William Bays
Scott Broaddus, CFP®, AIF®

Jody Bruce
W. Keith Burford, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC

Bridget Chesney

Alan Cluverius
Ray Dameron
Coley Eckenrode, CLTC

Chris Ellis
Steve Fisher, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®

Ashley Foster 

Nancy Foster
David Graves

Aaron Hales 
Crystal Huddleston
Tim Johnson Jr, CFP

Thomas Kinker, RHU®, REBC®

Chris Kitchen, CFP®
Robert P. Leonard III, CFP®, AIF®
Jared C. Lewis, CFP®, AIF®

Michael Lieber

Kevin McCarthy
Homi Modi
Ryan Modi

Harley Moore         
Keith Muth, CFP®, CFA
Ms. Chad Nystrom, CLTC
Martha Osborne
Eric Owen
John D. Philipkosky, CFP®
Angela Pugh 
Greg Pugh

Mike Sanson, CFP® AIF®  
Gaurav “G” Shrestha, CFP®

Heather Snead
Joe Taylor
Emily Turman

Barbara Vassar
Diane Watkins
Amanda Whately
Michael R. White, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC
David Whiteside
Leo O. “Buddy” Whitlow, Jr. CLU®
Christopher E. Williams, CFP®, AIF®
Ed Yesbeck, Jr, CLU® 

Phil Yesbeck


Fairfax, VA

Scott Broaddus, CFP®, AIF® 

Norfolk, Va 
Peter Henry, CLU®, ChFC®
Lesli Henry, RHU
Susan Martin, CFP® 


Pennsylvania -Aliquippa

Robert S. Kadilak, CFP®, CLU® 

Pinehurst, NC

Paul DiSantis 

South Hill, VA 

Michael Pugh, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC
Steve Tanner, CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC
Carmen Taylor CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC

John Amendola

St Paul, MN

Mick White, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®